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About us

We are one of the largest distribution companies in the Czech Republic in the field of luxury and selective cosmetic brands. History of Glamour Distribution, a.s. dates back to 1990, when the first flagship of the Glamour holding was founded in Brno. In the following years, the holding’s activities expanded to the Slovak and Hungarian markets. In the Czech Republic, Glamour Distribuce, a.s. has become one of the largest distributors of brands in the field of fragrances, care and decorative cosmetics with a portfolio exceeding 50 brands. Our customers are not only multinational networks of perfumeries and drugstores, but also independent cosmetics and drugstore stores, which are taken care of by a professional team of sales representatives.


A modern packaging line is prepared for customers, which saves time and costs. Wireless transfer of orders to the logistics center via PDA and EDI increases efficiency and sophisticated warehousing software optimizes warehousing and distribution conditions. Thanks to this, the goods reach the customer within 48 hours of ordering.


Glamour Distribuce, a.s. covers the entire territory of the Czech Republic by distribution. Service at a high level is provided by a team of experienced sales representatives working with the latest technologies. Orders from any part of the Czech Republic can be processed in tens of minutes.


Each brand manager manages marketing activities for the brand that has been entrusted to him. We plan all campaigns in accordance with the wishes and strategy of the manufacturer, but always with regard to our local market. We use modern media and promotion at points of sale. We cooperate with renowned agencies and organize events to increase brand awareness.

Our advantages

  • Successful cooperation with all distribution channels of the Czech market
  • Very good business relations with sales networks: dm drogerie markt, Rossmann, Marionnaud, FAnn, Douglas, Sephora, etc.
  • Best options in shelving – the most attractive positions
  • Highly experienced sales team in the field of cosmetics in the Czech Republic



  • DKNY

    3. 1. 2023

    Moderní, sebejistá a ikonická. Tak by se dala třemi slovy popsat značka Donna Karan inspirovaná energií newyorského velkoměsta. 


    19. 12. 2022

    Hold luxusu, přírodě i vědě s pečetí krásy a udržitelnosti.

  • Montblanc a Zinédine Zidane

    6. 12. 2022

    Novou tváří pro Montblanc je Zinédine Zidane!

    S hrdostí oznamujeme, že slavný fotbalista se stal ambasadorem značky Montblanc a také tváří rodiny vůní Montblanc Legend.


    1. 12. 2022

    Cesta po stopách BVLGARI klenotů pokračuje. 

    Oblíbenou kolekci představujeme v nové podobě.

  • NAJ OLEARI Make-up Palletes

    25. 11. 2022

    Make-up paletky, se kterými vytvoříte perfektní make-up na každou příležitost. 


    31. 10. 2022

    Laky Tandem Color´s jsou dvojité, vzájemně se doplňující odstíny, které můžete kombinovat podle svého přání.